Monday, June 16, 2008

White and Distressed!

I am becoming seriously obsessed with the color white. Below is a picture of my mantle that I took today-the picture looks a little wonky. I painted the
candlesticks white and lightly distressed them. I found the cute little bird on the right at a thrift store. It was an orange-y color and I painted it white and distressed it as well. Please forgive the picture quality.

I found these at Goodwill today.

They were sage green with a black glaze and probably would have been fine as they were. But I decided to (you guessed it) paint them white and distress them!

Another pic of them.

There was a house next door to us that was at least 50 years old. You can see it in the pic above, behind Jenna and Ian. This was taken about a couple of weeks ago.

This is what's left of the house. The owners are going to build an A-frame cabin toward the back, behind where the dumpster is sitting. The house itself couldn't be salvaged due to a crumbling foundation and extensive termite damage.

The whole house, aside from the bathroom, had tongue-in-groove oak hardwood floors throughout. One of the owners, who is a friend of ours, told us we could have whatever we could salvage of the hardwood floors so we are going to try to get enough to do our bedroom.

This is what we have so far. Still a lot more floor to take up!

A couple of pics of some of the floor boards. I am so excited to be able to use this in our bedroom!

Happy Monday everyone!


1 comment:

Jane said...

Are Jenna and Ian safe from the white and distressed.
Vbg....sorry weird sense of humor here.
The white does look lovely. I was going to have it in my new kitchen in '92 but was told the finish I was looking at was like duco on a car and would chip, so went with my all time love of timber. Tasmanian Blackwood. It still looks new today as I have used the cut out from the sink as work blocks on the surface so the color has not been damaged either.
I used to move things round a lot, age has maybe caught up with me a little but as I look at more and more of these blogs, my eyes are opening to see some of the things that are not on show, so maybe a little rotation will be good.
All the best with that timber. I do not envy you the work, but it will look fabulous.