Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" Part I

I love where I live and I like the floor plan of my house. The interior leaves a lot to be desired and I wish that we had an extra bedroom and an office. The main thing though is LOCATION. The rest can be changed.
I took a few pictures of my house today. About a year after we moved in, I decided that I was going to take down the vertical strips that cover the gaps where the wallboard panels meet, fill the gaps in with drywall mud, and prime and paint the walls. I have done that in the rooms you are about to see. I am not very satisfied with the results though. Some of the seams that I did were up to an inch wide and very hard to get filled and sanded evenly with the rest of the wallboard. Some of the walls have a "wavy" appearance. So we are going to be installing drywall in every room now. We also installed laminate flooring in the living room, dining room, and family room.

Kitchen pic I. This room will be totally gutted. I hate the laminate cabinets! The flourescent light fixture above the island has got to go!

Kitchen pic II. I like the windows here. I usually keep some plants here but my 2-year-old likes to play in the potting soil.

Excuse the panel of sheetrock leaning against the wall. We are going to replace the window with a set of French doors.

Living room pic I. I see something under the couch.

Living room pic II. There is nothing cottage about this room.

Living room pic III. The china cabinet I have yet to paint.

Family room. My plants are on top of the entertainment center. I think the big TV and entertainment center will go when we remodel and be replaced with built-in bookshelves. I like the wainscotting in this room but when we redo this room I will probably allow hubby to put in the unfinished tongue-in-groove paneling he wants. As long as I can give it a nice whitewash!

This concludes part I of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". It will get worse I promise. Come back for more pictures tomorrow-if you dare!



JoAnne said...

Hi Eva,

My Dad did the same thing with his wallboard about a month ago with mixed results. He is still happier with painted walls and I think it looks better too.

In my last house, I had a lot of lovely 70's wood paneling. I bought some special wallpaper that covers imperfect walls. It is very thick and paintable. I painted it and it looked great. I was perfectly happy with it until we moved. Perhaps that would work for you in some rooms in may take you a while to drywall.

French doors sound great. I love your fireplace. I will be back tomorrow to see Part II. Smiles, JoAnne

deputyswife said...

It is always ugly when you start. Trust me.

Then, you wake up one morning and see progress. That's where it gets good!

Renna said...

I envy you the open spaciousness of the rooms, and all the light. That is one of the appeals of modular housing to me. They make use of every inch of space.

I did wonder, though, why that door (coat closet?) next to the door leading outside, opens in the direction it does. You'd think in the home's plans, they'd have had that door opening the other direction, away from the outside door. Just a useless observation! ;-Þ

The floors look fantastic. :-)

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

What a nice open space! How I do envy your "before" - my "before" is just icky and dusty and yours is so clean and fresh! Just wait until you guys are finished - you'll really enjoy comparing the after to all these photos! Thanks for sharing!

Eva said...

Thanks ladies for your comments!