Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Virtual Master Bedroom

Since we have started putting the oak hardwood floor in our room, I have been thinking about how I ultimately want the room to look when all the remodeling is finished. I went "shopping" online tonight and found some examples of what I would like to do in this room.

First I decided on bedding. I would love white bedding in my room. I'm not sure how practical this will be since we do have children and they like to romp around on our bed. But I do suppose that is what bleach is for.

I would like an iron bed like the one below, except I would prefer it to be weathered, with some rust here and there.

Then I started thinking about wall color. Since I would like to have a serene feeling in the room and nothing too jarring, I decided a warm antique white might be the color I will use.

I have a china cabinet that my mom gave me about a year ago. It was in my living room, cluttered with books, magazines, dusty knick-knacks, and the various odds and ends my kids would throw in it. I am reading "Straight Talk on Decorating" by Lynette Jennings and in it she talks about re-purposing furniture to use in ways other then originally intended. So, I got the idea that I would remove my old, laminated, worn, and ugly dresser and chest of drawers from my room and use the china cabinet for storage instead. I had taken the glass from the doors of the cabinet a while back and was going to replace it with chicken wire. Now I plan to put some bead board panels in and use it for an armoire. I found a color I like at Lowe's last weekend called Crocodile Tears that is a mossy green like the color swatch shown below. I think that is the color I will paint the china cabinet a.k.a. armoire.

I want simple window treatments that will let in lots of light, but still allow privacy when needed. I already have cafe shutters in my bathroom and LOVE them! I would like to use them in my bedroom as well.

I saw these window treatments on and love them. Simple and pretty.

It will be interesting to see if this room will turn out exactly as I envision it. Good night all!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Andrew Wyeth

I was searching some art sites today and came across these Andrew Wyeth prints. I was immediately attracted to the earth-toned palette and the rural settings he depicted in his paintings. At the same time, I noted a sort of somber, lonely quality about them.
I do really like the prints though. What do you all think about them ?

"Christina's World" is the first print. Christina was Wyeth's neighbor and was afflicted with polio.

The second print is titled "Master Bedroom" and basically depicts a dog's bond with its owner.

The third print is called "Ides of March", the fourth, "Big Room", and the fifth, "Around the Corner".

The sixth print is called "Ground Hog Day". Notice the lone place setting?
I get a melancholy feeling from most of these. Maybe it's just me. Click here to learn more about Andrew Wyeth.
Good night all!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cleaning and Organizing

I have been cleaning out our closets and decluttering for the past week now and I am still not finished! For whatever reason, I have the urge to purge so that's what I have been doing. Hubby has been busy with work, and our partially-done bedroom floor has been neglected, but still I feel productive getting things organized.The floor really needs to be finished and I hope to get it done this week.

I have a few things in mind for our room after we get the floor finished. I'll post some of my ideas and things I have collected thus far. Happy Sunday everyone!