Sunday, June 22, 2008

Salvaged Wood for our Bedroom

Al finally got all of the wood planks up and our 2 oldest sons, Zach and Austin, stacked it on our back porch. We still have to pull out all of the old nails before we can put it down in our bedroom. After we get it down we will sand it then finish it.

I got the notion to get a plank and sand the old varnish off half of it (see pic below.)

Here is the sanded half again....

I had some Minwax Oak Provencial stain from an old project and decided to stain the sanded portion to see how it would look.

I let the stain set for about 15 minutes and wiped it off.

I will probably try a darker stain as well to see how that will look.

All in all I think the floor is going to turn out beautifully. Can't wait to get started on it!



Lindenhaus said...

Hi Eva,

I came here via "One Woman's Cottage Life." You are so clever to recycle this beautiful flooring! I'll look forward to seeing the end results and all the things you accomplish in your cottage.

Anonymous said...

Me too I came over via OWCL. The floor seems like it will turn out fantastic. Good Luck!


Eva said...

Thanks ladies! We hope to start installing it within the next couple of weeks.