Friday, June 6, 2008

Whites & Pastels

Here are my red photos for the day.

I got this picture from Hobby Lobby a few months ago. I love the red flowers!

This is our turkey, Buster.

I was looking around on the BHG site last night and found some pictures of rooms done in shades of white and soft, pastel colors. I love how fresh and clean these rooms look. However, if I were to do this look in my home the white would quickly turn into shades of gray!

I have a china cabinet that I am using to store my decorating books and some knick-knacks. Here is a picture of how it looks as of now.

I want to paint it cream and put chicken wire in place of the front glass. My husband would prefer it to be black. I have taken off some fruit and flowers that were decoupaged on the bottom doors and have it sanded and ready for paint. Should I use a primer on it first? I haven't painted furniture before and I really want this to turn out good.

I think I am going to make myself a hot cup of tea and grab "Under the Tuscan Sun" and snuggle down in bed. Goodnight everyone.



Layla said...

Hey there!
I just read some helpful tips on painting furniture on this blog:

Good luck with your piece....I'm sure it'll look great!

deputyswife said...

Yes, Rhoda does a great job of painting furniture. She has some great step-by-step posts. Right now, I am into painting furniture black, so her posts are real handy now!

I have painted furniture several times. I get the best results when I use a primer. Also, I use a water based polyurethane for my top coat. Though, it does leave a satin finish. If you would like to use a top coat with a more natural look (and more cottage looking), use bees wax. If you have children, I highly suggest using a top coat. I painted my kitchen cabinets three years ago, and there is not a paint chip in them.

Good luck!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Eva, I came over from Kim's blog (OWCL) and enjoyed seeing all your things. While I'm not completely cottage style, I do love some cottage elements & have some in my own traditional home. I see my name mentioned already, so just wanted to say hello!

And thanks to the others for the plug!


Joy said...

I bet that china hutch would look very cute that way. I love the pictures you have posted also.
I like light oak and white but my hubby isn't into the white yet. I
keep trying to talk him into it.

Eva said...

Thanks for the tips and comments-I truly do appreciate them.