Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Camera

I recently lost my old digital camera which was a Kodak Easyshare. It was a good camera, and I liked it a lot. My husband's job has a safety points plan and with his most recently accumulated points, he ordered a new camera for me. It is a Canon Powershot A-480, as seen below.

I just got it this evening and need to figure out all of the settings and such. I hope that I like it as much (hopefully better!) than my last camera, but I am so happy to have a camera again! My dream camera is a DSLR Canon Rebel XTi.

Does anyone own the XTi? If so, let me know what you think about it. I would love to hear your thoughts, pros and cons, etc.

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Sara Dickey said...

I have both of those cameras! looke the little one to throw in my bag or pocket....put it in my coat when skiing last weekend- it was perfeect

my xti is my trip camera, holidays portraits. i take pics with both. the xti kit lens in not that great, youll get better quality photos if you ungrade to a better lens with more range...35-200mm. talk to your local camera shop people. my is great about suggestions for what you want and they will match the big box store prices. enjoy!